Stripping Pretension-Desiree Lopez

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Desiree Lopez is an upscale hotel concierge, but she is getting a poor performance review from her boss. Scott ends up firing her because of her unprofessional attitude and inappropriate attire. Since Desiree really needs this job, she begs until Scott relents with caveats. In order to fit the image of the hotel, she needs a wardrobe upgrade and customer service training which she readily agrees to. Scott calls the hotel store while telling Desiree to take off her shoes, which she willingly does. Next he orders her to take off her blouse and skirt, which causes Desiree to balk. He reminds her that her clothes are trashy and if she does not want the job, she can leave. Begrudgingly, she covers her body as best she can, but when the bra and panties come off, she is left to the viewing mercy of her boss until the clothes arrive. He hands her a pair of pantyhose and orders her to model them by sensually rubbing her legs and ass. Since she needs customer service training, they start immediately with the smiling and being more friendly aspect. Scott orders her to stand and place her hands on her head so he can slip behind her and tickle her sides, waist and armpits. As she squirms, it becomes apparent that she will need to be restrained! Desiree is not sure this was the best way to keep her job!  OTHER KEYWORDS- embarrasesd nude female, male domination, domination, office domination, employe/employer, boss/employee Desiree Lopez, Scott Torvea, ENF, embarrassed nude female, tickling, pantyhose tickling, Latina, big tits, pantyhose modeling