Early REBECA LINARES: POV Suck + Swallow


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
7:05 min - Mar 09 - .MP4 - 79.58 MB


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BlowbyBlowAccts Mar 12 2017

I got into porn just to work with Rebeca Linares...then she retired as soon as I started shooting!!! dammit lol

Early REBECA LINARES: POV Suck + Swallow Before she was famous, Rebeca was a petite Spanish pornstar working the circuit. I attended an erotic convention in Barcelona and her agent introduced us. She spoke very little English, much better than my non-existant Spanish. Money being a language mutually understood, we all went up to my hotel room at the Barcelo Sants to get to know each other better. Tits and ass got revealed. Thong. Tiny feet, size 37. I learn to say boca (mouth), culo (ass) and ano (anus). She drops to her knees to suck my cock. Nice technique from a natural pleaser. She tells the story of her first blowjob and her agent translates. Her much-older neighbour spied on her as she watched a porn movie and blackmailed her into sucking him off. I ask how she feels about this now, years later, and she replies, "His cock tasted good!" Ball sucking. The oldest man she's been with has been 63. She prefers men over boys and appreciate the experience that most older men have obtained. I launch a thick, white load of white gold onto her tongue and she eats it. "Buen trabajo! (Good job!)" She replies, "I like it!" This showed all of Rebeca's potential before she conquered porn in the United States. A star was born and for the next 8 years, she was top tier talent