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We met 19 year old community college sophomore "Kayla" on craigslist. She was single and broke and willing to give porn a try. This scene is her "do the director" scene, which we shot moments after she wiped the facial from her very first scene off her cute young face. So this scene begins with Kayla topless and being told to take her panties back off. She had literally just put them back on after finishing her first porn scene. But I wasn't done with that tight teen pussy yet. I told Kayla I needed a little more footage so she needed to "audition" for the director. I'm in my mid forties and I don't think Kayla had ever touched a dick over 20 years old. But an actress has to trust her director, lol, so the panties came off and my fat cock went in her mouth. After enjoying her mouth I bent this perky teen amateur over and inserted myself into her lovely shaved twat. After a vigorous round of doggy I laid Kaya on a table and enjoyed some more of her delicious pussy. Finally I blow an enormous load all over Kayla's face. She's no supermodel but even with some acne and baby fat this perky cutie is a hot little fuck doll. She's go great eyes and a great figure and the softest most meaty pussy lips and swollen clit you've ever seen stuffed with cock. This is a full HD scene (1920 x 1080, 10Mbps) windows media file (wmv). It's blu ray quality