Buttercups Takes A BBC Anal Fetish



British / Lancashire
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Buttercups Takes A BBC Anal Fetish - the newest little 'flower' to my 'garden' Buttercup, Who is such a little pleaser and wishes to make sure that his Domme is happy, In this video he finds himself subject to two anal dildos, first a tiny white one that looks like his own cock, followed by a HUGE BBC dildo that stretches him to his limit t, I was impressed!! when punished his way he go so into whiny little lost puppy dog mode! :D just love those pathetic noises, I am known not to be one who plays light and fluffy as you will see ... ...You can join me on my free snapchat, SELKIEGIRL ... MY FREE! VIDEOS - https://goo.gl/vzkmB5 ... My Fan Profile - https://Arikajira.com ...My Twitter - https://mobile.twitter.com/Arionnakajira ... please give my free videos some love and 5* ratings xxxx