20-year-old MAHLIA: POV Suck + Swallow

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Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
198 5.0
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peecee2 - Top reviewer Apr 5 2017
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A fun, friendly chat with a freaky young lady. I don't often go for blowjob vids or cum shots, but the key thing I look for in porn is performers enjoying themselves and both have plenty of that. :)

Brandon Iron Apr 5 2017

Cool, peeked!  I appreciate the feedback and I'm happy that you're happy!  Cheers! (Y))

20-year-old MAHLIA: POV Suck + Swallow Mahlia came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. She wore a t-shirt that read "Determined. Emotional. Powerful. Passionate. Exciting." 3 weeks into her xxx career and this is her 5th shoot. She is not crazy about swallowing but is willing to try it. Student studying criminal justice and political science with the goal of becoming District Attorney after going to law school. From San Diego. Has had a long-term boyfriend for several years. Her mother taught her how to suck dick with popsicles, making her the "best cocksucker I can be." Tits and ass. Thong gets pulled down and she arches her pussy and ass posed in doggy. Mahlia drops to her knees to suck my cock. "I'm a dirty little princess." She promises to swallow all the cum. Obeys the command, "Faster" with gusto. Locks eyes with camera and chugs her mouth like a locomotive. She has the unique technique of sucking on the head strongly and only moving her hand on my shaft. Felt great! Head bobbing. "I want to eat up your load like a dirty little whore." More cock worship. After my gig, she's going to blow someone else, go back to her motel, and fuck someone else in the morning. Models her wide-open mouth. I feed her, shake her hand and thank her. I agree with her t-shirt's description after getting a taste of her head game
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