Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
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20 year old VICTORIA EATS HER FACIAL Victoria came to her cocksucking casting wearing a t-shirt reading "You're icky." 5'2" Latina. Short yellow skirt. Has had only one serious boyfriend. They broke up earlier in the year, so she decided to be wild and free. A friend got her into the business. She swallows in her personal life and says it's not icky. Scorpion tattoo on her abdomen. Sheer black panties cover her juicy booty. 2-hand ass spread. Victoria drops and sucks. Playful head bobs and ball licks. She tells me to kiss her ass in Spanish and I fuck her face before taking her up on her offer. Rosebud gets rimmed. She requests a facial and promises to eat it. I paint her face with cum. She scoops the goop and swallows. I'm hereby taking a political stance by opposing any border wall along the southern United States if it keeps out any Latinas who suck cock as good as Victoria