1st SCENE VIOLET VICE POV Suck + Swallow


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
9:42 min - Mar 10 - .MP4 - 109.28 MB


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1st SCENE VIOLET VICE: POV Suck and Swallow Fellow Canadian Violet Vice came by my place for her cocksucking casting. She wore a t-shirt with "Pornstar" in Braille. I'm invited to touch. No bra underneath and her nipples are poking the cotton shirt. 25 years old doing her first official video. Models her mouth. Started swallowing in her personal life just 2 short months ago. Took a break from guys and dated ladies. Lost virginity in a MFF threeway at 19. Went to Catholic school in London, Ontario. Perfect 34B tits. 3 years experience as a rub-and-tug masseuse. She explains her game and then I explain how I play my game. It starts with her on her knees. Slow, sensuous cock worship with nice eye contact. Ball licking. "I'm going to eat you until you explode into my mouth." She has massaged a man in his 80s. He required assistance into the room. "I'm telling you, he came like a motherfucker." She stops sucking so she can pose in doggy and model her pussy and asshole. She gets a lot of compliments on her bubbly ass. Thumb meets bum and I finger her asshole before it goes directly to her mouth. Back to sucking. "You like feeling my hands on your balls while my tongue is on your shaft?" She gets off servicing strangers, she says. Titty fuck. Cum is her prize and she likes being a little cumslut. "I deserve your cum. Can't wait to eat you. Feel that load dripping down my tongue." A monster load gets shot into her mouth and she swallows, making a strange noise in her throat on the way down. She takes a deep bow. Very well-trained cocksucker with a high standard of teasing and pleasing