Daughter's Deep Stretch



American / Florida
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Look - I know it's my fault, I'm her Father, but.... it takes two to tango. I mean... Christ! Have you seen what she looks like now? What was I supposed to do? She's my daughter, I had to help her out. She showed up at my door out of the blue saying her boyfriend threw her out and she had nowhere to stay. I felt guilty. I hadn't seen her since she was little. I walked out on her and her Mother years ago. How was I supposed to know what a crazy slut she turned into? She was walking around the house half naked and flirting with me for days. I could only take so much. And when she asked me to help her with her yoga - well you know what happened... I put her up in a hotel the next day, I'm not going to make the same mistake again. I just hope she doesn't tell her Mother.... ***Starring Marsha May