Girlfriends Foot Worship


Miss Nicci

American / Denver, CO
13:04 min - Apr 08 - .MP4 - 943.74 MB


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Everyone loves a good pair of delicious feet, two pairs are even better. Cadence is a fan of sexy lady feet and she wants to show her girlfriend Nicci just how sexy and fun foot worship can be. First Cadence rubs, licks and kisses Nicci's feet to show her how good it feels, then urges Nicci to try it. Nicci kisses Cadence's toes, soles and tops of her feet and decides she likes it. She can't believe she hasn't tried it before. Foot worship is so sexy, especially when you have beautiful toes and feet like Nicci and Cadence. Watch as they suck, lick and kiss each others sexy feet