Belly Punching Audio Experience

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62 5.0
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peecee2 - Top reviewer Apr 1
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Something interesting and different. I think it'd feel a bit more natural without some of the more fetish-specific descriptive words, but then it probably wouldn't do such a good job of catering to that audience. Particularly liked the story aspect. :)

Hey there, I have a fantasy I want to try. I hope you don't think I'm too weird, but I've always thought my stomach was sexy. I like to have it touched, caressed, massaged...and I also like to be punched in the stomach. I'm wearing a tiny pair of cutoff shorts and a little half tee shirt that shows off my belly. I'm going to stand against the wall and put my hands over my head so you can see more of my sexy stomach. Poke your finger into my stomach - mmmm I like that; now make a fist and press it into my soft stomach, mmmm, yeah deeper. Punch me in the gut, aim for my lower belly.” “That was soooo good! So, you’re curious how I got into this? Okay, I’ll tell you the story. I was at the beach one day, laying back in my bikini, my stomach completely vulnerable…” Audio Experience includes: Belly and gut punching sounds, groaning, gasping, and moaning, role play belly punching against wall and laying on back on ground, breathlessness breathing, and a belly punching story! **This is an audio-only file