Piggy's First Enema


Wynter Azure

American / Pacific NW
18:50 min - Mar 11 - .MP4 - 293.02 MB


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This is likely unlike any other enema clip you've ever watched! It's so sweet, loving, and truly a couples/reality clip! This enema was not intended to be embarassment, or punishment- but a loving display of curiousity for fetishes & health benefits! Wynter commands Piggy to take off his socks and step inside the tub- no pig accidents on the argyle socks!! Wynter then sits on the side of the tub, then straddles him. It's the first enema she's administered, and Piggy's very first ever- she wants to make sure he enjoys it! She gives him some gentle, playful spanks before slowly inserting the tubeing into his ass- which he takes pretty deeply! She then unclamps the big enema bag and it starts draining into Piggy's ass REALLY fast, his ass guzzles it up! The big pig tries to turn onto his side in the tub, but there's really not room. He takes almost the whole bag, then goes to lay down on the bed. Wynter handcams as they massage his belly with him on his side, his pained face but he's enjoying it and the couple has fun moving the water around in his guts. He then attempts to finish the bag- but quickly says, "that's it!" and goes to evacuate. Wynter lovingly encourages him as he evacuates, the two joking about the color he's turned the water! What a good babe (the pig
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