Multi Angle Squirting

330 5.0


American / Las Vegas
330 5.0
43:56 min - Mar 12 - .MP4 - 1.32 GB


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just bought this cant wait for it to download

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great cinematography, I felt like I shot in the eye

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this was my first purchase from Bobbi Dylan, and i have to say it was a excellent purchase,i really enjoyed the orgasms with the eye rolled back so very sexy and the legs twitching wow you really got into this video Bobbi.
at the start of the video i absolutely loved the little giggles you did while looking right at the camera and that sly smile, its like you were saying just wait and see what is gonna happens!!!!
the edge play throughout was unbelievable. and than we have the explosion at the end wow is all i can say it was like looking at a geyser exploding such a high squirt you could see it from space!!!!!
all in all an awesome video thank you Bobbi for putting this video up

Watch as I edge and tease myself with my magic wand, and lead to multiple eye rolling orgasms.Enjoy from a different angle as I watch different porn videos to get myself off. In the end I squirt so high you can see it from far away! Includes a close up gopro shot of the squrting orgasms powerful gushes