Dirty Anal Daughter


Bettie Bondage

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Your daughter is on her way out the door when you stop her. The pouting and pleading starts immediately, but you've got a thing or two to say about her outfit! It's a skin-tight mini dress with strappy black high heels and black pantyhose. In short, your sweet little girl looks like a stripper! You tell her you need to see the outfit pass "the test:" a device you developed after her mother left, in an effort to keep your darling daughter from becoming a total whore. She keeps begging you to just let her go out with her boyfriend, but you insist, watching carefully as your daughter turns around, laces her hands behind her head and leans forward. If the dress rides up over her nice, bubbly heart shaped ass, then the outfit is a no-go. As you watch her bend further and further at the waist, the top of her sheer black pantyhose come into view, and then the outline of her young pussy behind the pantyhose. Uh oh. No panties. And what a view! Looks like it doesn't pass the test. She begs you to just let her go, but you insist that you need some further dress code inspection. Up close. You make her kneel before you, and bend forward. As you suspected, she is definitely not wearing panties - just the gusset of her sheer black hose stands between you and your daughter's gorgeous little pussy. You are starting to come to terms with how badly you want to reach out and touch it, rip the pantyhose and inspect her pink slit thoroughly. You notice a black circle pressing against the pantyhose. Woah, there, missy, you say. Is that a...butt plug?? She sheepishly denies it, but you know what you saw. Pulling her towards you, you rip her stockings open and there before you is her perfectly shaved slit, and just beneath, the black glass of a plug, firmly plunged into your young daughter's asshole! You can't believe it. Your own daughter, a dirty anal slut?!?! She insists its the first time she's done something like this, that she was saving her ass for her boyfriend, but you've got other plans for this daughter of yours