AARALYN BARRA: POV Suck and Swallow


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
7:37 min - Mar 11 - .MP4 - 85.75 MB


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AARALYN BARRA: POV Suck and Swallow I met Aaralyn Barra at an erotic convention in Las Vegas. She flew from Philadelphia to suck and fuck anyone with an open checkbook. Thankfully, I brought mine! 20 minutes after scooping her off the show floor, she was laying on my bed showing off her leopard print tattoo on her hip. Lingerie with open-toed high-heels. 20 years old. Tramp stamp. Likes her ass the best. Thinks it's "pretty impressive." Models her asshole in doggy. Aaralyn admits to being a butt slut so thumb goes up bum, then directly to her mouth. Started giving head at 14 to an 18 year old. She initiated it and was curious. "It's about giving the guy a nice, slow, sloppy blowjob." She gets to swallow her reward at the end. It's not a question of having to do so. Aaralyn drops to her knees and goes to town sucking, stroking and licking. Great eye contact. Oldest man she fucked? 36....back when she was 16. She was introduced to him through a "crackhead friend I had." There is nothing she'd rather do for a living than suck cock, she says. Spit and drool. Power suction. She rubs my cock all over her face and asks if I like it all sloppy. She lists some of her performer credits, including monstersofcock.com, mistercameltoe.com, and graveyardsluts.com. She fucked in Sleepy Hollow. I pump and thrust her face and she calls me a nasty little mouth fucker. Gagging. "I'd like to thank my Mom, the government, and all the Republicans in Texas for letting this nice, thick, hot, juicy load of white cum drip all the way down in my little whore throat." For one brief, shining moment I was the Master Blaster, coating her tongue with white gold. She wretches as she fights to swallow the big mouthful but completes her mission. Great slut with a ton of potential