Cranking Hard Lawnmower and Weed Eater

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Can you do a video where you start a weed eater and cut weeds?

A sexy blonde wearing short shorts is putting her sneakers on in her living room. She is all set to go get some yard work done and walks to the garage to get going. Once in the garage she walks over to where her lawnmower is and she strokes the handle. She then moves the mover into the middle of the garage and gets it ready. She checks the gas and the prime ball and even tops it off with gas. She then gets to pulling the pull cord so she can start it. However, no matter who hard she pulls, the lawnmower will not start. It just makes cranking noises, but won't turn over. Perplexed, she tries to figure out what the issue is. She looks the mower over and tries to pull it some more. Again, more cranking and no starting. After a few minutes of that she gets frustrated and decides to put the mower to the side for a minute. She then grabs her week eater and gets it ready for action. She adjusts the gas and primes the engine. She then puts on foot on the unit as she pulls the pull cord hard and fast. Again, she pulls over and over again and only cranking occurs. She tries the weed eater with both hands and from every conceivable angle, but is just won't start no matter how hard or fast she pulls. She then decides to go back to the lawnmower. She again pulls hard and fast and more cranking is all she can manage. This gives her an idea and she adjusts the pull cord to go all the way to the motor so she can get a longer pull. She then gets back to pulling, but is disappointed to find that only more cranking happens. She then puts the pull cord back to its original position and tries one last burst of cord pulling. But, of course, only more cranking. Finally she gives up. She puts the lawnmower back and decides there will be no lawn work today. She'll have to try another day and hope she can get better results from her pulling than just cranking. Included in this clip: Cranking, Sneaker Fetish, Lawnmower, Weed Eater, Pull Cord, Fast Pulling, Long Pulls, Short Shorts, Blonde Cranking, Blondes
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