Daddys Naughty Girl

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4,998 5.0
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LYON18555 - Top reviewer Apr 7 2017
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Oh honey, daddy's home...ahem I mean very well done clip. I'm gonna be honest and say it straight, LittleMissElle IS the reason I joined Manyvids. She's not a fake beauty from some overpriced pornsite. Elle is a real beautiful goddess that I'm enteranly grateful that she deems us with well priced and real life erotic videos.

This one? Hands down my new favorite. Her submissive attitude, the black lingerie that barley contains her bountiful breasts and every time she moans or wimpers "Daddy" sends electricity down your spine. The way Elle begs for your touch and permission for every moment is down right agonizing.

Her vibrator is a little loud but nothing that over Laps the audio. I don't know what is with her but she is hypnotizing on any of her vids, especially when she uses baby oil ;)

lordofbamfs Apr 7 2017
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Mmm, this sexy girl makes an awesome solo act! Her submissive side is true delight as she begs to be noticed, don't take your eyes off her. She's worth it!

daytime_wolf - Top reviewer Mar 14 2017
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Before I say anything, I'm extremely partial to the whole Legolas hairdo lmao and I don't even know much about Lord of The Rings. The half-ponytail looks really sexy!
The way she says daddy = hhngh
She looks killer in this outfit, and like a running gag, one nipple always creeps out to peek before they make their official debut hahaha.
That toy looks like it was made for combat XD. It sounds sexy though to hear her use it, sounds like stirring a pot of mac n' cheese :d.
Before long she brings out the wand and boy is that thing loud lol. No biggie though because she's still audible, but it left me wondering if anyone could hear from next door...
Honestly, she's just really nice to look at. I was just watching it for that reason so watching her climax was just like, 'wait what? we're doing that too?!' It's really hot to see, the initial recoil and subsequent tremors.
Anyways, I loved it <3

LittleMissElle Mar 16 2017

Haha thank you! I def need a new wand. It was so quiet at first but over time it got louder :(

jgatz777 Mar 14
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Love her Daddy vids! Another great outfit and performance.

tyleb86 Mar 5
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Beautiful woman wearing some really sexy lingerie fucking herself. Cant go wrong with this one. Another great video!

Oso310 Jan 16
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Love the way you dirty talk and tease

acemrb Dec 30
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Elle is an absolute goddess...and her videos always meet the highest standards.

alsleet777 - Top reviewer Oct 19
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The lingerie is seductive and the dirty talk is unforgettable. Daddy's Naughty Girl is a must-buy!

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if you don't wish to be her "daddy" after this then your crazy!! most gorgeous girl and knows how to work it!!

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Another hot video, and i love videos where she talks, because her voice is so hot, and she gets really into it. I can recomend this to anyone who loves dirty talking, and especially dirty talking from this lovely woman.

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I'm a big fan of videos where she talks a lot, so this one is one of my favorites. There's not very many moments where she isn't, and when there are, they don't last long. I'd even be happy if she talked more. She moves around a lot, so one position doesn't get boring (as if it would with one of her videos). Her boobs aren't a focus, but there's still a great view of them throughout. This video is fantastic, and I'd say it's even one of her best.

Van_Zandt Jun 20 2017
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Fantastic video. Love your black lace lingerie!

Manny2550 May 7 2017
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She looks amazingggg in those black stockings. And her voice is just so cute i could listen to it all day.

datblumedic Apr 20 2017
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Very few girls can get me turned on with a daddy video, but GODDAMN Elle is at the top of the list.

MrMac0194 Apr 16 2017
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Absolutely unbelievable solo performance here by LittleMissElle! I've said it before, but she is absolutely stunning. In this vid we see her putting on a show for you and doing things to herself that make you feel like she is your little cumslut, and no one else's. 10/10, every day of the week

I put on your favorite outfit daddy. I'll your naughty little girl. You want me to tease you with my booty daddy? Can I stick my fingers under my panties and taste myself daddy? You want me to fuck myself for you daddy? I'll do whatever you want daddy