Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

Swallowed and chewed 5 ways



American / Georgia
10:01 min - Apr 05 - .MP4 - 871.11 MB


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You wake up dizzily and realize you're only one centimeter tall! You can't recall anything except for the fact that you have been cursed and the only way to reverse the shrinking curse is to be swallowed 5 times! Goddess Lucy spies you creeping across the carpet and agrees to help reverse the curse. "You're lucky I'm hungry" She says before consuming you POV, showing the depths of Her cavernous mouth and sharp teeth drawing slowly toward you (it is shown in lengthy detail every time you are swallowed). She swallows you again in a different way each day, (all in this clip) wearing different sexy outfits. The second day you get to be in the middle of a sandwich, getting ripped and chewed with Goddess Lucy's beautiful and dangerous teeth, and swallowed. The third day you are chewed up with chewed chips and swallowed. On the fourth day you will be slowly crushed (gummy bear) by Her huge, powerful molars! Finally, you will be swallowed whole and travel down to Goddess Lucy's deep dark stoma