Sensual Lift and carry


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
22:59 min - Mar 12 - .MP4 - 1.32 GB


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Savannah has been at the gym getting her swell on. She comes home to find Eli laying naked in bed. She crawls over him and starts to kiss his body and lips. He turns over as she rubs his booty and greedily starts to spank at it. She was at the gym for 3 hours but all she could think about carrying him around and burying her strap-on deep in his ass tonight. He wakes up and she tells him how she was heavy lifting at the gym and wants to show him how swollen and strong her muscles are. She flexes her rippling thigh and butt muscles. He is so lucky to have such a powerful woman. She wants to show him just how strong she is. She picks him up in a front carry and orders him to wrap his legs around her nice and tight. She boosts him higher and higher on her waist so that his dick can rub up against her pussy. She carries him back and forth, proving how big and strong she is becoming. Savannah brags about her squats and she bets she can even sumo squat him, not just once but 3,4, 5 times in a row! He is dubious that she'd be able to due all that. She would be so much stronger then him if she could! They make a friendly wager that if he is wrong then he must worship her muscles and they seal the bet with a kiss. Savannah proves him wrong though and squats his butt almost all the way to the floor 5 times! She laughs and throws him down on the bed. Now he has to do what she says. She flexes and shows off her beautiful fit body. She bets she can carry him for a super long time and orders him to jump up on her so she can demonstrate her superior power. She walks back and fourth kissing him and caressing his back before moving down to his booty. She can't help it, she loves the feeling of having his phat ass push up against her pussy while she fucks his asshole. In fact this position makes her want it so bad her pussy gets instantly wet. She bounces him up and down simulating fucking his tight ass and confesses her dirty thoughts to him. Her big thick thighs could carry him for hours. She orders him to pay up and kiss her muscles. She flexes her bicep as he kisses and worships her perfect muscles. Hes so lucky to have a powerful woman who can not only carry him but also fuck him so good. She's so excited to bang out his holes but first she is going to carry him and make him prove he's worthy of that giant cock. She lays him on the bed and kisses his body before kissing passionately. She is so hott to have him, but first shes going to make him her little bitch. She orders him to kiss her and picks him up in a front carry so that she can press her pussy against his dick. She grinds up against him and tells him how she wants to fuck him balls deep. She pulls him tight and thrust her hips aggressively against him. She bounces him up and down how she wants him to ride her cock. He is so grateful to have a big strong woman who can carry him and fuck him so good for hours. She tells him she is in charge now, and orders him to kiss her whole body. Eli promptly obliges, more then happy to serve his amazing girlfriend. She picks him up in a front cradle and gently walks around pulling him close to her. He nuzzles and kisses her neck with pleasure as he relaxes in her arms. They makeout, but having his dick so close to her makes her want to touch it. She sits on the bed with him still in her lap as she gently starts to stroke his cock. They make out as she plays with her property. She rolls him over on his back and begins massaging his body. She is horny, she doesn't know if she can't wait to fuck his holes till tonight. She moans out loud as she bends him over the edge of the bed and begins grinding up against his ass. She bosses him down to his knees and demands worship. He eagerly obeys and begins kissing her thick muscular thighs. He loves her big powerful thighs. He thanks her for carrying his bitch ass around. She picks him up again and pulls his crotch against hers and teases him with the way shes going to fuck him. Pretending to slam it all the way in and then out. They kiss lustfully, both moaning in pleasure as they grind against in each. Savannah gets more and more excited and begins violently bouncing him up and down, even raising up on her tip toes, flexing her thick brawny calf's