Naughty Kitten Takes it Up the Ass

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Canadian / Ontario
1,354 5.0
21:55 min - Jun 11 - .MP4 - 1.27 GB


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Gillice10 - Top reviewer Jul 25
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Ruby your pussy and butthole are pink they invite penetration with my penis.

mr3dirty Jul 18
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The deeper she goes, the better it gets. I fucking loved this!

jwiz1437 - Top reviewer Apr 29
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A great anal video with some great dirty talk! As usual video quality is awesome and creatively filmed! Only negative is the dildo is a little floppy. Might need to help her get a replacement! LOL
Another super bargain to boot!

stevebilbao89 - Top reviewer Mar 26
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Loved this vid!! The way the dildo slips in and out of Ruby's butt is intoxicating!!

kingof20v - Top reviewer Mar 24
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Great video, would recommend

I've been such a naughty kitten | I take a nice soft dildo up my ass | Dirty talking to you, while I'm cumming | Makes this naughty kitten creamy up the asshole