Role play with my fictive roommate, Karl

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TWAY2268 - Top reviewer Mar 25 2017
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After confessing to his roommate how handsome he thinks he is and that he wants Karl to fuck him, Kael sexily strips out of his clothes, teasing his body. Details like the two having seen each other in the shower, and Karl having a girlfriend, enrich the roleplay. Kael rubs his dick and fingers his ass, telling Karl he can do whatever he wants to him and how much he wants to be his slut. Kael's cute face and accent make his begging to be fucked and cummed in, moaning Karl's name while jerking off, even more incredibly hot.

tbearfr Feb 11
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A very nice tease with a very happy ending for both me and Prince. Definitely love the accent :) so cute and hot

Hi Karl, sorry for bothering your phone, I just don't know how to say this so... Here's for you ;3
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