Nun's Secret Shoe Lust Custom



American / Hell
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Custom Video! The Plot: You're a nun with a dark secret, you have a insatiable fetish for high heels. After arriving back to the privacy of your convent quarters you ditch your regular flat black shoes for a pair of tall shiny black stripper heels (like the ones you wore in your "Nurse Darkness in Distress" video) . Admiring how they look on your feet you begin to get turned on, lying on the bed fondling yourself at the mere thought of the pastor walking in and catching you in your sinful lust. As you grow more aroused you grab a pair of clear stripper heels you had hidden, caressing them over your clothes (in some sexy positions) , kissing/licking them on how the length of the heel reminds you of a cock. Full of lustful abandon as the thought of the pastor or one of your fellow sisters walking in on you gets you hotter, you begin to strip out of your dress reveling a slutty strappy outfit underneath. At this point you're full on masturbating with the clear heels until you get off. As you come to out of your lustful stupor licking the juices from your heels, you snap out of it regaining your composure. Hiding your clear heels, putting your dress back on, ready to walk back out to head to bible study forgetting that you still have on the shiny black stripper heels. hope no one notices! -END Wear the same outfit (dress & strappy undergarment) as you did in the "Sinful Nun Temptation" video as well as long bright red finger nails, red glossy lipstick, white frilly ankle socks. when it comes to the shoes wear a pair of plain flat black shoes or something similar. When it comes to the heels wear the same ones you did in the ("Nurse Darkness in Distress";) video and use a pair of clear platform heels to get off on. Be sure to keep your whole body in view for most of the video. Be sure to keep the heels on and in view as well