Anabelle Pync's Crippled Foot Part 1

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Anabelle slowly wakes up and pulls her crippled foot out of bed before rising. Yawning, she rubs her foot and grabs the harness. Gingerly looping it around her ankle and attaching it to her waist causing her leg to be held up. That big toe sticks out and she grabs the crutches by her bed. Hopping to the mirror, she brushes her long hair and lets her useless leg sway in the air. Her clothes for the day are put under her chin and she hops back to bed. The red belt is removed and she rubs her sore foot before putting on a pair of white nylons. The seam in the back and the lace at the top detract from the wrapping on her foot even though her toe sticks out. A high waisted lacy garter belt is the cherry on top of her lingerie. OTHER KEYWORDS-handicapped, sprained ankles, foot fetish, toe fetish, one leg hopping, Anabelle Pync, Annabelle Pync,, long hair, garter and stockings, hobble, all natural