Freebie Tuesday

Rise & Shine, Let's Have A Snack


Jasmine Rose

American / U.S.
12:46 min - Mar 14 - .MP4 - 385.07 MB


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Rise and shine, good morning my love! What a smiley b@by you are, always smiling for mommy. Guess what? Today is our day. It's just you and mommy all day! We're going to go for a long walk in the stroller, play together with your favorite toys, and read lots of books! Anything you want to do, we can do it, just mommy and you! Let's get out of our crib and go get a snack. Mommy's got your favorite! Banana puffs, and strawberry banana puree, yummy yummy. Then lets finish your ba ba and then get our day started! Yayyy