19yo BRIDGETTE BANKS: Suck and Swallow


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
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19yo BRIDGETTE BANKS: Suck and Swallow FIRST TIMER Bridgette came to my office for a cocksucking casting. She worked at an all-black girls' strip club for 2 years and learned who to booty shake like a pro. Just turned 19 a month ago. This is her first scene in porn. She has swallowed cum twice before. From upstate New York. Her goal is to be as big as Jenna Jameson one day. I show her an autographed pic of Jenna and it impresses her. I compliment her plastic necklace that reads "LOVE" and we debate whether she'll find true love in porn or not. Bridgette married at 16 but is single now. Danced at clubs including Flame 2, Cabaret International and the Doll House. Pierced nipples. 12 brothers and 1 sister. She's in the middle. Her family knows she does porn because she loves it and not for the money. They approve of her career choice. Models her asshole and I fuck things up by asking if she's ever been buttfucked. It's a sensitive subject because her anal cherry was taken against her will. On a more pleasant occasion, she was fucked by 4 guys and loved it while tripping on mushrooms. Main event! Decent head. She bobs and promises to properly dispose of all the cum. I ask for her to go deep but my cock head hits some sort of panic button at the back of her throat. Small upchuck into my office waste basket. She's a little shaken up, so I point out all the other cocksuckers whose autographed photos are on the wall behind her. She feels that she's earned her reward. "I want you to cum in my mouth." She promises to swallow all of it. She smiles coyly after taking down my 3-day load, a look of newfound confidence that was not in her eyes a few short minutes ago
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