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80lb 18 y/o Rough Older BBC Training

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Vote it 2023 MV VIDEO of the YEAR! In the one of the MOST WILDLY INTENSE scenes EVER! Highschooler Candy is just now 18 but has an older sugar daddy @SirGeeWhizz who teaches her all the nasty cock pleasing tricks. Gee lets her know she has to do better. So she starts by giving him a blowjob with some deep throat. He fingers both her holes (ass and pussy) while she moans cause the Big Black Cock won't fit in her tiny mouth. After she hops up and down and rides him, eyes rolling back, and cums back to back to back all over his dick. Front cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Her little tiny pussy is soaked with juices. Gee fucks her doggy for the LOAD #1 then as he stands and the cum drips down out on her pussy and asshole. It's so hot when you see it. He uses the cum as lube slides right back in tight pussy. Then picks her up and pounds her good as she moans like crazy. ... Now on to some pee play. Candy lays back head over couch and turns her cute little self into a porta potty toilet. We can't show all of what she does with the piss or as we call it golden nectar of the god Gee. But let's just say she says it refreshes her thirst. Now of course he pounds her throat till it comes back out all slimy, wet and messy spit. Her face is dripping. Gee thrust his thick black 9+ inch cock down her tiny throat where LOAD # 2 is you can see through her throat while he tells her swallow. She does gladly. Throatpie heaven. WOW! The throat bulge on her as his full cock goes in and out of her throat like a cute little FLESHlight! It really is such an intense feeling. You have to try it one day. ... Now as he can't take it any more so here comes LOAD #3 as she slurps the last thick load out of his BBC with a little demon grin on her face. I think she knows she has her Sugar Daddy Gee's heart and wallet! That she does! ... Make sure you like, comment and heart this video so she knows she did a AMAZING job and comes back everyone.

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