Hooters girl Jay peeing her panties hose



Canadian / Las Vegas
8:17 min - Mar 15 - .WMV - 261.53 MB


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Cute little Hooters girl next door Jay, is hobbling home after work at Hooters, wearing her uniform and sheer pantyhose with white sneakers. She realizes she's locked out and tries to make a frantic phone call to see where her roommate is. You get to see Jay do her frantic pee pee dance in lots of different posititions, sitting on the ground, standing, front shot and back shots of crotch grabbing and butt wiggling, sitting with double crossed legs and lots of talking and whimpering while trying to keep her work uniform nice & dry! She manages to take off her Hooters shorts when she realizes she can't hold it and it's going to come out now! She pees a nice big stream through her cotton panties and pantyhose, getting it on the lounge chair and making a huge puddle underneath her. She tries soaking it up with her Hooters shorts but is busted when her friend opens the door & inquires if she had peed her pants, LOL. Great frantic desperation and fun acting in Little Jays wetting scene with a cute BTS (Behind the Scenes) portion where she shows off her peed panties and wet cameltoe
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