Charlee Spin to Win Balloon Popping

11:42 min - Mar 14 - .WMV - 516.32 MB


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HIGH DEF - 1920 X 1080 HD WMV!!!<br> Are you ready to play a party game with me? I have my homemade Spin to Win wheel out and I'm ready to have some fun. Which number will I land on? What I land on depends on what I'll be doing! Today it looks as though I'll be popping some balloons! Sounds like the perfect way to clean up after a party! I have several green and blue 7 inch balloons inflated from a party I had over the weekend. I even made some "flower" balloons from them as well. Not to worry, I'll be popping every single balloon that made it through the weekend! One by one, I use my long fingernails to rip them apart, squeeze them under my arms, I use my high heels to pop them, I even use my booty, sitting on them and bouncing up and down on them. Which is your favorite way to see me pop a balloon