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Zendas Very Fake Models Agency: Part 1

1k Views · jun 5, 2022
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(Send us a message to to get the extended version of this video for free.) Margout Darko gets a job proposal and meets up with Zenda Sexy at her office. But as soon as Margout opens the door, she gets "surprised" by Zenda and tied up with duct tape while still on the floor. After been fully bound and gagged with a gagball, Margout is carried by Zenda to the back of her car. Zenda carries Margout into a dark bedroom and leaves. Margout wakes up and feels very scared. She complaints and struggles at in her bondage for a while. Zenda comes back, removes the gagball from Margout and facesits her. Zenda makes Margout lick her pussy and asshole until she cums multiple times. Both girls wear pantyhose through the entire video. This is Part 1 of Zenda's Very Fake Model's Agency. Part 2 is coming soon!

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