Naughty Clips Compilation #2

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103 5.0
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Lightning Rod - Top reviewer Mar 15
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Kitten already covered what's actually in this video, but let me add that it is well done in that each scene is long enough to enjoy instead of just a 3 second flash. Also though, as they are long enough to enjoy they are also short enough to pack a lot in the entire vid. She truly has picked some of her best stuff for this one so there's plenty to love in this delicious buffet sample of Kitten's content! I invite you to grab it up and see for yourself!!!

You guys LOVED my last compilation so here's another one! There's something for everyone in here! From watersports, teasing, dancing, food/eating, twerking, buttplugs, fucking, beautiful agony and more! It even contains a blooper scene from one of my latest videos :3