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Freebie Tuesday

Peeing in a cup and pouring it on you

95 5.0

Eva Kay

American / HELL
95 5.0
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Winkle Kinks - Top reviewer Jan 3
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She really has a knack for humiliation/fetish. Add her sexy little body and her devious plus creative personality, 5 star model all day every day

You are such a needy little sub. You have the privilege of resting at my feet like the loser you are yet you still whine for attention. Can't you see I'm working? I have better things to do then to fucking pay attention to you. You know what? I'm tired of listening to you. I gotta go pee really bad and what's a better way to shut you up then to piss in a cup and pour it all over your loser pig face? That'll shut you up. You should thank me for using you