Wet & Messy Finger Fuck With a Surprise

500 5.0

Kryska Love

American / USA
500 5.0
21:32 min - Mar 15 - .MP4 - 1.75 GB


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This video is very well shot. The quality of picture, the quality of lighting and framing give this video such a real feel. In some ways it has a very artistic quality to as well. It's the opposite of high key lighting that you see in most vids, and feels like I'm watching a cam show that was shot by Stanley Kubrick. In other words I love it. Also, she's hot AF.

Thank you so much baby! <3<3<3

Sneaky Kryska cums back to show off her painted little toes and lure you into her soaking wet fantasies. This one's intense guys! You'll definitely enjoy the surprise waiting for you at the end... What are you waiting for