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Slutty Sister Sarah's New Bathingsuit



American / England
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This was a custom video for fan Sam:: Your busty sister Sarah's just gotten home from the pool, she ran into a group of your friends - too bad you weren't there, they had loads of fun! Sarah looks so hot in her bathing suit, your friends thought so too. Sarah tells you about how she teased them, getting their cocks so stiff. You know what a slut your sister Sarah is, she just LOVES sucking off hard dicks so she couldn't resist. She sucked off each of your friends in a public park and swallowed all of their cum! Sarah sees how turned on you are as she tells you how hard she made your friends cum - go ahead and jerk it for your big sister, Sarah's going to make you cum hard thinking about her expert mouth wrapped around your friends dicks! 7th in a series of Sarah videos, also check out: "Your Slutty Sister Sarah Loves to Tease You" "Your Slutty Sister Sarah Helps You Drain Your Balls", "Your Sister is a Cocksucking Champ!", "Your Slutty Sister Becomes Your Fantasy Pornstar", "Your Cum Hungry Sister Drives You Over the Edge" and "Your Sister Records You Cummirmg In Her Mouth&quot
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