Sensual Cum with Fingers

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4,837 5.0
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omg wow!! Just the preview is gorgeous and delicious.
Id love to see the whole thing. plz message me. thnx

Is it weird that I want to smell your hand after that.. 😊

Bigjohn1 Jul 10

Yuuu got snapchat 😜?

mecho11 - Top reviewer Nov 3
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Outstanding authentic female pleasure!!! Charlotte has a glorious body shaking ORGASM with a deeply reddening face, chest, and neck as she cums!
High quality video meeting all technical parameters and exceeding content expectations. Very well done!!

Here I am in broad daylight making myself cum using just my fingers. It's pretty intimate, given the closeness of the shot and my lack of makeup. You can watch the redness spreading across my face, chest and body as I get closer and closer to orgasm
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American / West coast
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