Caught Peeping - Larkin Love & Star Nine


Star Nine

American / California
9:03 min - May 16 - .MP4 - 332.24 MB


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Star caught you spying on her in her room and ran off to tell. Trying to deflect attention, you point out that your Star isn't wearing any panties under her pantyhose. Larkin is fed up with how precocious you both are, and decides to teach you a lesson. She orders Star to stand up with her hands at her sides - if she wants to run around not wearing panties, then she can display herself to you. As for you, you dirty little pervert, take those pilfered pantyhose from your pocket and take out your cock. You're going to make yourself cum, right now. Don't you dare wipe your hands on your pants! Larkin doesn't want to do your crusty laundry, you're going to lick that cum up like a good boy. Includes taboo topics, pantyhose domination, masturbation instruction, cum eating instruction