Freebie Tuesday

12 Hours No Pump Lactation Fetish


Lacy Luck

American / USA
10:30 min - Mar 15 - .MP4 - 609.93 MB


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You get to join me in an urgent release of milk today. You see, it's been a full 12 hours since I have nursed or pumped. I had no plans to film today, but once I saw how full, veiny and engorged my tits were I knew it was urgent that I turn on the camera. No make-up, hair undone, I am au naturel in this clip because it is all about the squirting, sloshing, over-filled milk jugs! I start off in a casual tank top, then I pull down the top and start to hand express. Wow. Right away milk droplets from and suddenly they just start to spray, just like that! I then slow it down a tad, pulling my shirt back up so that I can squeeze and let the milk soak through the fabric. Milky wet tee-shirt contest! Fun. But oh no, my milk gets shy! Time to pull out the manual pump. Slurp, slurp, the pump works the milk from my nipples. Now I can set the pump down and stimulate the nipple with my fingers. Enjoy the extreme close-up of milk flowing and dripping down from my ample breasts. This is probably my last lactation clip before weaning so it's a must see. I rarely ever get this full of milk