Booty Wiggles 2

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American / Your Butt
2,371 5.0
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DrBrule04 - Top reviewer Jun 27
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A link to Little_Mischief's MV page should show up under the definition of "cute" in the dictionary. Soooooooo cute. How is your butt cute?! Everything about you is cute.

FrenchLickIndiana - Top reviewer Apr 8
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Little Mis has GIGANTIC gluteaL-muscLe skiLLs! Hard flexing work pays off to make the ass-worLd a brighter place.

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This shit is like catnip for an ass man.

Her curves are absurd, oral game is on point, and apparently she really knows how to work her booty. Part of the way through, she oils her butt. It ends with some spanking and booty shaking.

Months later, and I have my new booty wiggles vid! You can see how much I've improved since my first one, when I was just starting to learn. :3 I could barely move them at all; now it's like breathing for me! <3 ||||| Along with booty wiggles, I oil my butt, spank it some, and offer a twerking tease. There's also some creamy pussy juice that decided to hang out with me, heheh. First video: