Sin Fucks Kristy FOCUS ON SIN VIDEO 1



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34:45 min - Mar 16 - .MP4 - 1.51 GB


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So I was on campus with my friend Kristy and we got to talking about sex and she said that she had never been with a guy with a large cock before (this was before her session with Sergeant Miles of course. He is HUGE as well. I digress. lol)....where were we? Oh she had never been with a guy with a large cock before. Ohhhh reallly? I know my friend Sin is very....ummm...well endowed so I promised her I would hook her up with him if she didn't mind me filming it. So we got a hotel room and let the fun begin. She sucks him, rides him, and lets him fuck her tight pussy. But is Sin in ANY of the angles! Why yes he is! Duh! As a matter of fact, I left my notepad on record while I was videotaping Sin fuck Kristy. The notepad camera must have a crush on Sin because it focused on him during the fuck session. Okay I'm kidding. I know the a notepad doesn't have feelings, but because of where it was positioned and where he was on the bed it happened to catch him in most of it leaving Kristy in the shot not so much. So this video is for all the Sin fans that like to focus on him more. I also threw in some bonus footage of Sin grinding on Kristy slow and deep as well as a shot of the huge load he left in the condom post fuck. Oh you Italian men with your giant cocks and your huge loads. Yum yum yum