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Youre a bratty homewrecker who loves making men do what you say because you are so sexy in shiny clothes. You love being a bitch and ruining relationships just because you can and you will make me follow every command. Tell me to pull my cock out but dont touch it and just look at how perfect your body is with big breasts strong legs tight ass and sexy-petite body all the while saying that my wife doesn{{slash}}u2019t even come close and she never makes me this hard. You notice that I especially like your boobs and long legs. If I want to cum I have to listen. Tell me start jerking to your perfect body. You make comments about how sexy and better you are. Every once in a while tell me to stop jerking and admire you to remind me how bad I want you and then start again. Towards the end tell me that if I want to cum I have to listen. When I cum I have to say your name even if my wife will hear. You dont give a poop about my wife and you want every load for yourself. Every time I cum it must be to you even if it ruins my relationship because you are sexy and get what you want. Then tell me to imagine cumming on your shiny top over your breasts and how amazing it will feel. Give a slow countdown from 10 saying that you always get what you want