Little Red Riding Fuck

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428 5.0
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boingo69 Mar 22 2017

Still one of my favorites! Love when Riding Hood rides HIS hood. lol

Poker Face Isaiah - Top reviewer Sep 3
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Another amazing erotic fairy tale is truly a well made video and satisfying to watch. Veronica Chaos sex scenes are sexy and funny as her performance as the Little Red Riding Hood while performing with her puppet Slappy is superb. Her costume looks stunning on her and on Slappy I love it.

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer May 20 2017
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First of all Veronica is a very pretty lady. Now I have to say that I love her stuff, it's very erotic as well as kinky, like a sexy Grimm fairy tale.

Little Red Riding Hood is on her way to see Granny but is stopped by a wolf who gives her directions to a short-cut.When she arrives at Granny's house, she can't help but notice what a big cock she has...High-definition and semi-professionally shot! Lots of different camera angles and dialogue! Most hilarious and fappable video yet
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