Ken Fucks Barbee Video 1



American / Los Angeles, CA
26:17 min - Mar 16 - .MP4 - 1.70 GB - 1280x720 HD


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Ken is quite the looker. Oh Ken with his chiseled jaw and piercing blue eyes. All those tattoos. That long tongue and huge cock. Barbee is so purdy too with her sexy All American girl face. That hair. Those amazing long legs and perky breasts (pierced nipples too! OMG!) So when they told me they didn't mind if I filmed them fucking you can imagine how I was jumping for joy. This is a sexy video. First Ken dines on Barbee's pussy like it was a delicious bowl of ice cream. Then Barbee sucks and gags on Ken's long rod in deep long strokes. Ken then fucks Barbee long and deep. It's fun to watch Barbee's facial expressions as she gets deep dicked by Ken's giant flesh stick. He jabs her pussy over and over while she moans and moans. You can tell Ken is loving every thrust. His face all over her sexy feet. And what would be a perfect ending to this awesome video? Why you guessed it. He blows a huge load all over Barbee's face. It's funny because Barbee does not like loads in her face. And Ken busts the biggest load all over her face. She grimaces and her whole body convulses she hates it so much. Then she starts laughing and he starts laughing. Hope you all enjoy. Ken is in all of this video. The camera is pulled back so you see all of him from head to toe the whole time. There's some bonus stuff at the end btw. The same fuck show but in a different angle. And some extra footage of Ken stroking his cock before he cums on Barbee. Why does regular porn always cut out the guy stroking before the cum shot? Some of us enjoy seeing a hot guy stroking. So you definitely get to see it here. Anyway, there are two cameras to choose between in this video. Hey! Variety is the spice of life right? Watch both here and choose which angle you like best. Hahaha! Enjoy