Creamy Hammer: My 1st Odd Insertion

952 5.0

Kyra Effing Kane

American / Bikini Bottom, USA
952 5.0
14:19 min - Jun 22 - .MP4 - 537.35 MB - 1280x720 HD


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fixy_1 - Top reviewer Dec 28
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I will never be able to look at a hammer the same way again.

Slothking97 - Top reviewer Dec 1
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The way you ride that hammer only is definitely worth the purchase. You definitely need to make more odd insertion vids

Day 63 Ky2K17: Candid- I start out tits already oiled playing with my toy pressing it between my huge tits!I have never been so horny that my vibe couldnt make me cum... It was filling up my pussy as tight as it could stretch. I grab the closest thing that I can stick deep down inside me over and over again, the hammer is so thick it keeps rubbing my g spot over and over...I cant believe how good it feels and how naughty it makes me feel knowing that hammer isnt meant to be getting my so creamy! I ride the hammer forwards and backwards and masturbate while buzzing my clit with my hitachi. I cum so hard...twice, II squirted a little down the hammer the second time. I cant believe how close this got my pussy to gushing...this wont be the last time either