Pee and dance in the store



Belgian / Paris
3:18 min - Mar 16 - .M4V - 241.72 MB


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God love your pantyhose videos.. that see-through nylon effect makes even sexier your ass, pussy legs and feet.. you are amazing. Dreaming to see your face. That blurry effect is really bad...If you can't show your face I would understand and respect it.. Would you at least wear a mask (like venice mask) where we can admire your eyes lips .. so that we wont be able to recognise you anyway.. And you can wear it when you shoot indoor or when inside toilet or changeroom.. so that you don't have to wear it in public..but at least we could see your eyes..What you think about it?  Again thanks for your public pantyhose.. hope for your masked face..(which is also very intriguing)..

Thanks for your comment!:x Happy to see you love<3 my pantyhose videos, I will try to make some new. Yes, I know the blurry face is not the perfect solution but I do not always program when I'm going to make a video. I will try to find a mask:mask_up:, you will tell me if you find it better

A beautiful pee in the new toilets of a shopping mall. The video is filmed with 2 angles. You will not miss a "drop" of this little intimate moment. And since the toilets were sounded, you can see me dancing in string to the rhythm of music in addition to my nice pee. HD Video