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305 3.0
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EZE083 - Top reviewer Jun 1 2017
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nice if you want a good laugh or if your into this kind fetish.....

Raquel is caught red-handed taking your girlfriend’s necklace right out of her room. She knows that she’s on the edge of getting kicked out, and if your girlfriend knew about this.. It may be the end for Raquel. You know just exactly what Raquel needs to do for you to keep this a little secret. You tug at Raquel’s shirt, “But.. You’re her boyfriend! Ok, You promise if I get naked..and I do whatever you want, you won’t tell her about the necklace!?” You enjoy the fact that Raquel will so easily follow your commands, and you demand her to give you head. If she doesn’t, you’ll make sure your girlfriend makes her homeless. Raquel strips off her one piece.. “You swear if I give you a blow job, you won’t tell her?” Raquel gives in, as you lay on the bed and get comfortable. She removes your boxers, letting your cock free. Raquel immediately starts to suck and stroke every inch of your cock. “You’re such an asshole for making me do this!” You bathe in your satisfaction as she chokkes on your cock. Raquel sucks the tip of your cock, “What do you mean you want me to deep throat it? Ugg! Fine..” Raquel deeps throats all of your cock, gagging on every bit. Raquel strokes your shaft and sucks on your balls.. Who knew that manipulating your girlfriend’s roommate into sucking your cock would be this great? The best thing is if she told your girlfriend, she would be gone too… so you know your secret is safe. “You’re so hard, and spit is getting everywhere!” Raquel sucks and strokes, until you cum all in her mouth. She squeals, and spits the cum out of her mouth. Jokes on Raquel… Because you’re going to tell your girlfriend anyways