Nurse on John Doe 4 Imposed Male Orgasm

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In the POV of a guy laying down a sexy nurse walks in. She sees that he is hard and smiles as she starts to stroke him with a slow handjob. He is groggy and wondering what is going on. She explains that he has been in the hospital since last night but that she had him transferred to this special ward so she could take advantage of something. She has been the one who has administered all the concoctions he has been getting and she has made sure they all have kept him groggy and hard. Now she is the only one on duty and she plans to execute the rest of her plan, which is getting a imposed male orgasm out of him. She also reassures him that even though people have been looking for him, nobody will find him. She has him checked in as John Doe. She gets into position to ride his cock and takes her big tits out. He tries to push her off, but is so weak. She smiles and tells him it is no use, she is going to get his cumshot. She then slides his hard cock into her tight wet pussy and starts to ride him. He continues to struggle with pathetic attempts at pushing her and she simply repositions his hands and puts them on her tits and ass. She tells him she will do this every night with him so he might as well get used to it. Even if he gets her pregnant she will keep fucking his big dick each and every night. When he tries a couple times to sit up, she pins him down with ease. She then sees he is ready to cum and she rides him even harder. He cums deep inside her, much to her delight. She continues to ride him even after he has cum telling him she wants every last drop of the imposed male orgasm. She ends with giving him some more of a concoction that is going to keep him right where she wants him and then leans over to give him a goodnight kiss. She reassures him she will be back later for more sexual fun. Included in this clip: Imposed Male Orgasm, Handjob, Riding, Nurse Fantasy, Big Tits, Titty Squeezing, Get Cumshot, Imposed Cumshot, Nurse Fucks Patient, Struggling, Cum Inside Me, Fucking, POV, POV Riding, Blonde Nurse, Blondes