MEAT MARKET 2 - feat Valentina Nappi



American / Seattle
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The Meat Market saga continues. This is part 2 of the story. ---------- After capturing two new young female slaves, Sydney and Valentina have them both tied up and suspended from the ceiling like cattle. The Dommes inspect the wares up close while they await more bids from potential buyers. Sydney decides to bring the slave girls down to have some more fun with them. There is an electric shocker that Sydney likes to tease their slave girls with and both slave girls seem to react very strongly to it. Each time a call comes in, the fate of the slave girls is up in the air. A few low ball bids come in but then eventually a full price offer comes through. That gives the Dommes just a little more time to play with their girls. Better take full advantage of it. Now as you might expect, a twist is coming up. Did you really think Sydney was going to split the money with Valentina
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