Your Boss's Daughter

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Lily Marie

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1,093 5.0
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irish__8 - Top reviewer Aug 6
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This video is awesome!! If my boss' daughter was even remotely as beautiful as Lily I'd invite myself for dinner or find excuses to go there all the time! You catch Lily reading, then the video takes a decidedly good turn with her ending up in less clothes than she started with. This video was on point, and I'm really hoping there's going to be a sequel.

wdMichael Jun 18 2017
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I liked this video a lot. There's a nicely produced intro that really helps to set the mood, but didn't feel like it went on too long. Lily Marie is beautiful as always, and I liked the innocent girl next door roleplay.

Your boss invited you to his place for dinner and the evening couldn't be more boring - until you leave the room and catch a glimpse of his adult daughter in her bedroom, all by herself, not wearing too much clothing. The chemistry is instant. What can you convince her to do before you have to go back to the dining room? Includes: roleplay: hesitance/innocence/playful reluctance, teasing, girl next door, flashing, masturbation