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Freebie Tuesday

Best Part of waking up


Sully Savage

American / Tampa
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The first thing that hits my brain as soon as I wake up is that my lungs need to be filled with a huge puff of my vape.(I'll be using my Rogue 100 and renegade tank in this video with the flavor Purple Haze by Electron Cig) Nothing beats the warm cloud of smoke heating up your throat and ur lungs, only to exit my body with a cool breeze onto my body or directly into your mouth. I'm a horny little kitten anyways and to have my yummy smoke as soon as I wake up makes me want to touch myself. But i see you there, watching me. I love it. Take your cock out baby, let me see you play with it while I enjoy my morning smoke. My pussy gets so wet by the thought of you trembling through my inhale and yearning to breathe in my exhale. You know you want it. Wont you cum for me as I please myself on this beautiful morning