clay beach
Freebie Tuesday

Peeping On Showering Giantess

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Awe you are so tiny. You like a toy. Be careful don’t come any closer you might fall down the drain. You are so cute. I could just swallow you like a little pill. Were you watching me shower? You tiny pervert. You know where you would fit perfectly? Right here inside my pussy. I bet that would feel so good to feel you crawl around inside of me. I could crush you with my ass cheeks. Do you want to come help me dry off? YOU can site between my toes, maybe crawl up my leg. I think my finger is bigger than you. I cannot get over how cute you are! It would probably take you a couple of days to explore my whole body. It is a good thing I am a nice Giantess. We can have some fun! Your squeaky little voice really turns me on