Raquel Roper: Edging BJ

22:16 min - Mar 17 - .MP4 - 1.64 GB


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Want to play a little game? Raquel wants to push your limits..All the way to the edge. She gathers spit on the tip of her tounge..and drags it over the tip of your cock! Raquel explains this is not a game you are going to win, She knows how to truly tease and manipulate a cock.. And she's the only real winner here. Teasing you slowly with her mouth and hand, she strokes and licks up and down the shaft of your cock. Raquel plays to win as she sucks slowly on your balls, and kisses, and licks all over. She plays with your tip, and your cock is aching for her mouth. So tight, and such a little tease! Raquel shoves your cock deep in her throat, She plays her games sloppy :). She chokks on your cock, and demands you put up a fight in this game. No one likes a loser! Raquel wants a challenge.. and you're no-where near allowed to cum yet. You can feel yourself on the egde of ecstacy.. but if you cum, you lose the game! You're trying as hard as you can to hold back.. Raquel's mouth is driving you wild, and you know it's only a matter of time before you burst and declare her the Champion. Raquel works her mouth and hands like magic to become the Ultimate Winner, as you become the biggest loser as you give in and cum all over her face! Who knew victory could be this sweet