Raquel Roper & Lydia Black: Taboo GG

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266 5.0
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Beautiful older sister Raquel confronts her slutty little sister Lydia about a rumor going around the school.. She's been hooking up with other girls! Lydia explains to her sister she's tried to be sneaky- but her slutty ways have leaks to all the other girls in school, including her big sister. Raquel tells her little sister if she's going to experiment with girls, she should start at home. That way.. No-one will find out! Raquel calls her sister out for being a little dirty tramp, she's so easy! She'll even let her SISTER fuck her! Raquel strips her little sister of her tight little shirt, and begins licking her breast. What if their parents walk in? Luckily.. They are stuck in their office most of the time, So the girls have no restrictions in exploring each other's bodies. Raquel loses her shirt as Lydia begins to lick and suck her big sister's amazing boobs. Big sister takes her control back as she lays her little sister back and licks her clit. Lydia plays with her breats as her sister explores her cunt. Raquel lays back as her little sister begins to lick her in return.. The little slut has alot of practice! She enjoys the taste of her, and laps up every drop with her tounge. Lydia makes her big sister cum, and Raquel tells her sister that from now on.. This must stay in the family! Oh no... whats that sound? The girls quickly gather their clothes as their parents walk in